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 After twenty some years writing, picking, performing and producing with various artists and labels, Tree Menane is now the CEO of DoubleCheck Music, an independent record label he founded so he could make music "his way" - the recording artist's way - where the music itself takes the lead. DoubleCheck has it's offices in Woodland Hills California and it's recording facilities at Seldom Creek Ranch, his home in Arizona. He lives there with his three Queensland Heelers, Luke, Leah, and Abel. Music has always been Tree's life and blood. Despite several attempts to leave it behind, he never could. He has always returned to the place where lyrics and melody become a song, where his heart is at home. As he has always said, he was 'born to music."

Tree Menane

 Mentor Williams is an American songwriter and producer. He is best known for writing "Drift Away", a middle-of-the-road playlist classic performed by Dobie Gray in 1973. He is the brother of famed songwriter Paul Williams. He has received an award from ASCAP for his 30 years of songwriting, and has earned 17 writer awards. His compositions have earned dozens of Gold and Platinum awards for millions of sales by such outstanding artists as: Dobie Gray, Rod Stewart, George Jones, Michael Bolton, Alabama, The Rolling Stones, Waylon Jennings, Ringo Starr, Randy Travis and Uncle Kracker.

Where the Music Takes the Lead

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Robin Dean Salmon

Mentor Williams

 Christopher's quest for "Truth" in his music has always been deeply rooted in travel and story telling. Having had residency in seven different states Christopher has developed a catalog of songs, which are all stories about his life experiences.
 "They're about all the things I've done." Christopher says, "From sailing on tall ships off of Martha's Vineyard to being a cowboy in Colorado. From playing for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses in Europe, to the Hells Angels in California."
 With a career in music spanning over 16 years, Christopher has had the honor to share the stage and record with some of the most respected musicians in the industry.